About Us

This summer Akila a Tribe of community Leaders from Miami has partnered with AlwaysProgress.org a 501c3 non-profit organization who has a mission to change the lives of troubled teens and at-risk youth through various community outreach programs. Together they will launch the very first Legacy Project to restore gym's at local schools in at-risk communities.

 Akila and Alwaysprogress.org will be renovating a their first gym at, North Miami Senior High School. They will restore machines, replace non working machines with new ones, paint and decorate with inspirational and motivational quotes to provide a positive atmosphere for the current and future student-athletes. They will get the community leaders, students, and businesses involved to create a huge impact and begin a movement.  

The project is set to be completed by the first week of August 2019.

Together we can change lives and achieve greatness! -AP

Help us renovate our First Gym at North Miami Senior High School by August 2019! #thelegacychallenge

Our Mission

Uniting leaders and contributing to the renovation of high school gyms in at-risk and low income communities. 

Creating a place of inspiration and motivation for youths within the society.


Our Vision

By August 2019, Akila & AlwaysProgress.org hopes to leave a renovated gym for North Miami Senior High, as it's first and official Launch of a Nation Wide Movement. 

During the summer the percentage of crime and vandalism within low-income communities increases significantly as they are out of school and find themselves bored with nothing to do and not many options for extracurricular activities.

The contribution of this restoration will be their greatest reward this summer!

We Need Your Support Today!